Arbitration Panel Explanation & Procedure

An Arbitration Panel is set up to give a competitor a means of dealing with a situation that he/she feels needs addressing regarding a Summer competition and feels has not been resolved on the day.

Please Note:

a) Championship events have their own Ground Jury (per TREC GB Rule 2.3) to deal with arbitration matters that occur on the days of those

b) The questioning of style scores on individual PTV obstacles should not go to arbitration as “style” is always judged subjectively.

It is expected that the competitor will lodge queries within the timeframe required by the organiser on the day of the competition and therefore that all matters are resolved before requiring recourse to an Arbitration Panel. The current TREC GB Rulebook (including any published updates to it),, will be used as the main point of reference.

The Arbitration Panel will be formed in response to receipt of an Arbitration request and will consist of 3 experienced TDs: 2 Board members (usually the Chair and Vice-Chair) and one other from the pool of TDs. The TDs who are chosen for any particular investigation must not have been involved with the relevant competition in any way.

If a TREC GB member feels that a matter has not been resolved satisfactorily on the day of the competition, the following will apply:-

  1. The Arbitration Log (click here to download the form) must be filled in and emailed to
    At the same time as the email is sent, £25 must be forwarded by BACS to TREC GB. No matter will be considered if this fee has not been paid. This fee will be refunded if the matter is upheld in the competitor’s favour. A confirmation email will be received within 24hrs.
  2. No matter will be considered unless received within the required time frame:
    • by midnight on the Wednesday after the competition ends, or
    • by midnight of the 8th day after the competition ends in the case of an organisational error (for example: a mismeasurement of a distance on the POR).
  3. The matter will initially be looked at by the Arbitration Panel to determine whether it is genuinely an arbitration matter.
  4. If it is decided that it is not an arbitration matter but merely, for example, a genuine scoring error, the matter will be dealt with straight away, an explanation provided and the fee will be refunded.
    The competition results, rosettes and prizes, league points and qualifications etc, will be amended, as necessary, to reflect the corrected results.
  5. If the matter is felt to require full arbitration, the competitor will be given the option to be present on the conference call with the Arbitration Panel.
  6. If the competitor wants to be present on the conference call, he/she must be available at a time that is mutually decided by all participants.
  7. If the competitor prefers that the matter is dealt with anonymously, he/she must still fill in the form correctly (with full name , contact phone number, email address etc) but will not be expected to be on the conference call and only their written statement will be used.
  8. The Arbitration Panel will seek information from other relevant parties (such people as the competition’s organiser, the TD and traceur, etc) and may hold conference call(s), as appropriate, with them to determine their view(s) of events.
  9. Any conference call(s) will end once all parties present have briefly stated their version of events.
  10. The Arbitration Panel will then reconvene and will make a decision based upon the facts given and having referred to the current TREC GB Rulebook (including any published updates to it),
    If the decision is given in the competitor’s favour, the competition results, rosettes and prizes, league points and qualifications etc, will be amended accordingly.
  11. The Arbitration Panel will produce its report, circulating it to the relevant parties, followed by publishing it on the TREC GB website; however, in no case will the name of the competitor or any other party involved be published in the Arbitration Panel report.

Please note that the Arbitration Panel’s report is considered final and the matter considered closed.

It is hoped that competitors realise that sometimes mistakes do happen but, by correctly rectifying them, we will ensure a fair sport for all.

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